Raid Gaza!

Name: Raid Gaza Year: December 30, 2008 Genre: Real-Time Strategy, Action, Role-playing Author: Raidgaza Raitendo Publisher: New Grounds Composer: John Dare- Quiz’s Chance Khuskan- Classy Bar Loop Platform: Online game, PC game Mode: Single-Player Average Rating: 3 out of 5 stars Story Game Play: Raid Gaza! is a game that is a parody of the … Continue reading Raid Gaza!


Phone Story – It’s all about the Device

Basic Information Title: Phone Story Developer: Molleindustria Publisher: Molleindustria Designer: Paolo Pedercini Publish Time: September 9, 2011 (iOS) - no longer available September 14, 2012 (Android) Phone Story is a satirical video game aiming to demonstrate players about the story behind their devices that they are not aware of when they are using or buying … Continue reading Phone Story – It’s all about the Device

Dys-4-ia 4-u

Game: Dys4ia Release: March 9, 2012 Designer: Anna Anthropy Composer: Liz Ryerson Publisher: Newgrounds Platform: Computer Mac/PC (Adobe Flash) Genre: Journal game Mode: Single-player Dys4ia begins with an online download and clear intentions. Anna Anthropy’s 2012 game tells the sincere story of her relationship with hormone replacement therapy with an urgency of expression. Using familiar … Continue reading Dys-4-ia 4-u

Raid Gaza! – Redefining the Purpose of Video Games | Rohan Mathur

Name: Raid Gaza! Release: 2008 Developer: Raitendo  Platform: Computer/Browser Genre: Real-Time Strategy _____________________________ Raid Gaza! utilizes simplistic gameplay mechanics surrounded by a storyline that covers a controversial and recent geopolitical issue – the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. During the game, the player is in control of the Israelis, portrayed as a powerful and resourceful group overreacting to Palestinian Qassam rockets, which ineffectually … Continue reading Raid Gaza! – Redefining the Purpose of Video Games | Rohan Mathur

PHONE STORY – Sohyung Lew

Title: Phone Story Date Published: September 9th, 2011 (iOS), September 14th, 2012 (Android) Publisher: Molleindustria Developers: Michael Pineschi, Paolo Pedercini Platform: Android, Adobe Flash Player (Mac and PC), and iOS (Banned now) Genre: Education, Satire   The indie developer team Molleindustria is known for producing games like Oiligarchy—a game about depleting the world’s natural resources—and … Continue reading PHONE STORY – Sohyung Lew

Raid Gaza! and the Politics of it All

Name: Raid Gaza! Release: 2008 Developer: Raitendo  Platform: Computer/Browser Genre: Real-Time Strategy Raid Gaza!  utilizes a simple style of gameplay and a basic story line, though deeper messages are imbued through the title alone as well as the rules of the game. The screen depicts the land of Israel along the borders of the Gaza … Continue reading Raid Gaza! and the Politics of it All

The Artist is Present – Rajiv Thandla

Game: The Artist Is Present Year: 2011 Developer: Pippin Barr Platform: Adobe Flash Player (browser-based)   Socio-cultural Context From March 14 to May 31, 2010, Yugoslavian artist Marina Abramovic’s work (spanning four decades) was available for exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York City. This “performance retrospective” contained over fifty works, … Continue reading The Artist is Present – Rajiv Thandla