Blog II- Tyler Conrad

From an aesthetic standpoint, Depression Quest is quite simple. Every stage is characterized by a textured, blurry gray background with appropriately sized, serif-font black text. The gameplay is simple, the “player” reads the on screen text which inform him/her of the direction of the narrative. Following paragraphs of text, the player chooses from a list … Continue reading Blog II- Tyler Conrad


Raid Gaza!

Raid Gaza! was released in 2008 and has a clear anti-Israel political message. According to an article by the Guardian, the author of the game made it in response to a UN report on the human cost of continuing the conflict. The graphics, music, and other elements make it a satirical game that aim to … Continue reading Raid Gaza!

Irreversibility in Video Games: One Chance (2010)

Title: One Chance Platform: online flash game Developer: Dean Moynihan Year: 2010 One Chance (2010) is an apocalyptic indie puzzle game created by Dean Moynihan for Newgrounds, an online flash video game platform. The player controls John Pilgrim, a doctor who spearheaded the creation of a cure for cancer which (unknown to the doctors) kills … Continue reading Irreversibility in Video Games: One Chance (2010)

One Chance (2010)

One Chance is an indie adventure game created for web browsers and Adobe Flash player. Within this single player, puzzle game, you navigate the game world as John Pilgrim, a scientist, whose team has just discovered a cure for cancer. Unfortunately,  John’s success is short-lived when the ‘cure’ is released into the air in gas … Continue reading One Chance (2010)