Phone Story

Release Date: 9 September, 2011 Developer: Molleindustria Publisher: Molleindustria Platform: Android, iOS, Adobe Flash Player Genre: Satire, Minigame Phone Story is a game originally created for mobile platforms (i.e., Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android). However, as it stands today, the mobile version of the game is only available on Android through the Google Play Store, as Apple has … Continue reading Phone Story


Every Day the Same Dream

Name: Every Day the Same Dream Release Year: 2009 Developer: Paolo Pedercini Publisher: Molleindustria Platform: Adobe Flash Player The game starts off in the bedroom of a male avatar. The avatar can be controlled in three motions: the left arrow, the right arrow and the space bar. The space bar is used to to interact … Continue reading Every Day the Same Dream


Name: dys4ia Release Date: 9 March 2012 Publisher: Newgrounds Designer: Anna Anthropy Genre: Autobiography; single-player Platform: Adobe Flash   Introduction dys4ia is an autobiographical game created by Anna Anthropy, who tells her story about coming out as transgender and the hardships she faced while transitioning. The game starts with a message from Anthropy, who says … Continue reading Dys4ia

One Chance

Name: One Chance Year of Release: 2010 Developer: Dean Moynihan Publisher: NewGrounds Platform   “If you had one shot or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment, would you capture it, or let it slip?” There’s not much an indie browser video game on NewGrounds and a rap song have in … Continue reading One Chance

dys4ia – an exploration of gender and identity in narrative gaming

Release Date: March 9, 2012 Developer: Anna Anthropy Publisher: NewGrounds Platform: Adobe Flash Genre: Autobiographical Single-Player Description dys4ia is an autobiographical single-player experience developed and designed by Anna Antrophy. Published in 2012, the game is a short, narrative experience following Antrophy's dysphoria and her transition from the male to the female gender and sex. Divided into four chapters, the game … Continue reading dys4ia – an exploration of gender and identity in narrative gaming


Passage is a game that presents the protagonist’s entire life to send a message about the bleakness of human mortality in general. The game is set on a 100x16 aspect resolution, so it is not typical in its aspect ratio. As most games are played using a more balanced resolution to utilize more of the … Continue reading Passage